We currently have 3 rooms available.

Our Oceanview Room
Judging by the title itself you can already guess what this room has to offer. A direct view of the Sea as you wake up on your Queen Sized Bed through the Mosquito Net.

Oceanview Bedroom – Credits to Isabel Koopman

Ideally the Family Room
The Room built for a family of four not only has the biggest rooms in the Homestay, but also the only room that provides a Bookshelf filled with Exciting novels.

Family Bedroom – Credits to Michelle Ruslie 

…and the Backpackers Room
with both the bunk beds built by Susi’s Husband, Herman Koopman himself. The room is able to fit a maximum of four people with a bathroom shared amongst them. Other amenities include your own Fan and Locker. And a shared table. With the Wifi Connection being closest to this room, you can find and book your earliest trip out of Maumere.

Day Trips around Maumere
Info Coming Soon…